Speech and Language Evaluations

The Speech and Language Evaluation Process

Together with her therapist, Mrs. Stuckey will provide your child with a comprehensive IMG_0114 (2)speech and language evaluation.  This assessment consists of both standardized and non-standardized assessment tools to assess your child’s baseline developmental age levels in the following areas: articulation, oral motor, language comprehension, language expression, voice, fluency, and pragmatics.  A detailed language sample will be audio recorded during the evaluation to ensure valid transcription when writing the report.  We understand that your child may feel nervous, shy, or scared when talking and playing with a new person in an unfamiliar environment.  The therapist will make every attempt to help your child feel comfortable, calm, and safe throughout the entire evaluation process.  We encourage parents to be in the room during the evaluation.

Once the assessment is completed with your child, we will inform you on typical speech and language acquisition IMG_3924[1]as well as developmental milestones so that you can better understand where your child is performing compared to same aged children.  You will be provided with literature describing your child’s primary delay.  We will discuss our impressions, recommendations, goals, objectives, and prognosis in addition to providing you with the type, duration, and frequency of therapy recommended.  Once the extensive and comprehensive written report is completed and measurable goals are created, we will provide you with a complementary one hour consultation to clearly explain the assessment results with you.  This evaluation report is typically completed within three business days.  

Coastal Speech Therapy is “in-network” with many insurance companies.  However, if we are an “out of network” with your insurance company, we offer courtesy billing for ease of IMG_1853reimbursement.  You will never have to call your insurance company or send in another super-bill or invoice again. Simply provide us with your insurance information and our office manager will verify your benefits on your behalf. We will make every attempt possible to accommodate your busy schedule to ensure that your child is scheduled with the same therapist on a consistent appointment time. We will electronically submit all invoices to your insurance company, to ensure that the maximum amount of reimbursement is paid directly to you in a timely manner.