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Meet Molly Stuckey of Coastal Speech Therapy in Newport Beach

“THE BEST EXPERIENCE! After meeting with several speech pathologists in Orange County, Mrs. Stuckey came to us highly recommended by our pediatrician. She and her staff were extremely professional and warm. She made my son feel so comfortable and safe. She and her therapists were so amazing from day one. My son is now fully included in a mainstreamed classroom and I thank Coastal Speech Therapy for that. I don’t know what we would have done without Mrs. Stuckey’s professional experience and advice.” Elva Johnson, Newport Beach, CA

“This review is way overdue. We have taken our son to Coastal Speech Therapy for threeIMG_4100[1]
years and we have seen leaps and bounds of improvement. The therapists at the clinic really understand how to relate to children with special needs. Our son was diagnosed with Autism at age four which was a tremendous blow to our family. We visited a number of different speech therapists before we landed on Coastal Speech Therapy. We have had our son in both group therapy and one-on-one therapy and he can now not only interact with our family, but has actually been able to interact with kids of his own age and be flexible.  His language has come such a long way. He was barely even speaking when we brought him to Coastal Speech, which was very difficult for our family. Many times we would become so frustrated by his actions that we would up in tears by the end of the night. Those days are gone thanks to Coastal Speech and we have been blessed to see the wonderful therapists there.” Christopher T.  Dad, Newport Beach, CA

“Coastal Speech Therapy has been serving our family for over two years. We have found all the staff to be professional, kind, courteous, caring, generous and well skilled. I have often recommended the office to friends needing help with speech therapy for their children. Most especially, Molly Stuckey is an excellent therapist with not only top notch training but an intuitive sense of how to help each child truly grow to their maximum potential. I believe any child would do well in the Coastal Speech Therapy environment.” Cristi Hernandez, Huntington Beach, CA

“Mrs. Stuckey has an extensive educational background and is an amazing Speech Pathologist. I like how they’re very accommodating to the needs of every child. All of the therapists are very nice and fun with the kids. My daughter’s speech has grown tremendously since starting her speech therapy here. When she first
began she could only say few words, but now she talks so much more and in sentences. Overall this is a great place and I highly recommend this Clinic.”   Ju De, Mom

“Molly has worked with my son for the past two years! He always looks forward to
seeing her and she always spends extra time keeping me up to date on his progress. My son has made so much growth working with her and her honesty has allowed us to maintain a positive and effective course of intervention. I would highly recommend Molly Stuckey and Coastal Speech Therapy to anyone looking for a therapist with a passion for children and expertise of the field.” Jamie Brandt, School Psychologist, Irvine Unified School District.

“I love Molly and Coastal Speech therapy!! I would highly recommend her and her staff to anyone who is looking for a loving, caring, sweet, and educational environment. My twin boys thrived with Molly and Kathy. Molly is truly gifted with children and speech. The results of her and her staff’s hard work have had a lasting and wonderful effect. We would highly recommend Coast Speech Therapy to anyone. She is an amazing advocate for your child. You will definitely want her and her staff on your team in helping and supporting your child. WE LOVE HER AND ALL HER STAFF!!”  Erin Dikerson, Newport Beach, CA

“Molly is amazing! She provided speech therapy to my son for 2.5 years. She made a huge impact on his life and ours! Molly is an excellent speech therapist and I was so impressed with my son’s development while working with her. She is creative and effective and is able to figure out the best approach for each child. Molly is professional and passionate about what she does. She is a mom herself, so she really “gets it” from a personal perspective.  She is compassionate, caring and warm. Molly develops a special relationship with each child and family. I highly recommend Molly!” Dayna Herz, Newport Beach, CA

“I have been in the Special Education profession for over fourteen years, so when my 059own child needed services you can bet she was going to receive the BEST there was available. I found the BEST at Coastal Speech Therapy. Miss Molly is amazing. My daughter has gone from not even repeating words or sounds to having age appropriate conversations with adults in a very short span of time. Miss Molly opened up a whole new world for my daughter and my husband and I could not be more grateful. Professionally, I have worked with many Speech Pathologists, and by far, Miss Molly is one of the most outstanding ones I have ever come across. She is energetic, punctual, compassionate, focused, knowledgeable, considerate, detailed, professional, and kind. Miss Molly is all of the things that I want in someone who is helping my child become who she was meant to be. My daughter works with Miss Molly and Miss Sunny. Both of these women are fantastic. My daughter loves going to speech and she has improved by leaps and bounds.” Sarah Jo Cornet, Irvine, CA

“My 8 year old son did not speak until he was almost 4 years old. Needless to say we IMG_4102[1]
have seen our fair share of speech therapists through the years. However, no therapist has been as comprehensive and compassionate as Molly Stuckey, at Coastal Speech Therapy. We worked with Molly for over two years and in that time our son has made amazing progress in his social speech and articulation goals. Every time I see a family member or friend, they comment on my son’s speech and how wonderful he sounds. As an educator, I was impressed with Molly’s knowledge on early literacy and the IEP process. Additionally, Molly and her staff kept our family abreast of what our son was doing each week by sending home worksheets and briefing us after each session. As a parent to a child with Autism, I have crossed paths with many therapists and I can without a doubt say that Molly Stuckey is by far the most professional therapist I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”  Lauren Chavez, Huntington Beach, CA

“Molly changed my son’s life. Her work is exceptional! I recommend her without hesitation.”  Chase Warmington, Dad, Newport Beach, CA

“Thank you, Molly Stuckey, and your fantastic team for making such a huge difference in my grandson’s life! You are amazing!”  Carma Marks




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  1. Myrla Sesler says:

    We have been going to Coastal Speech Therapy since 2011. Our daughter is now 8 years old. She did not start walking or talking until she was 18 months old and was diagnosed with autism when she was 21 months. She was afraid of loud noises, did not make eye contact and 50% of the time she did not even respond. She also did not sleep through the night until she was 3 years old. I say all of this because if you met our daughter today you would never have guessed that she had a hard start in life! Early intervention has helped her tremendously and listening to the recommendations of the therapist. For example when she was in preschool we sent to school with a weighted lap belt then progressed to weighted anklets then weighted vest (she also went to school with a chew necklace then bracelet as she chewed holes in her shirts). Every week we worked on something new. She has made so much progress in the past 5 years!! I can go on forever with all the progress we have made at Coastal Speech with the help of Molly, Sunny and Jamie. Thank you Coast Speech for helping us get our child out of the shell she was born in!! Early intervention is KEY and I would recommend Coast Speech without hesitation!

    • Molly B. Stuckey M.A. CCC-SLP/Owner says:

      Hello Myrla! Thank you so much for your kind words. We feel truly blessed and honored to be apart of her progress over the past five years. Thank you for your tireless dedication, trust, commitment, and optimism over the years. Her amazing progress is a testament to the positive effects of early intervention, consistency in attendance, and collaboration with her therapists. Thank you!!!

  2. Olivia Hartley says:

    Coastal Speech Therapy has been such a blessing to our family! My son has been attending coastal for the past two years and I cannot begin to tell you how much it has helped him! Molly and her staff have all been amazing. The staff has met my sons needs and made him feel welcomed and comfortable! Our son has come such a long way from when he first started and he continues to get better! I am so thankful for coastal and the help they have given my son is immeasurable! I can honestly say he wouldn’t be where he is now verbally without them!

    • admin says:

      Hello Olivia, Thank you so much for your kind words!
      We feel blessed to help your son become a successful, confident, proficient communicator.
      It is encouraging words like these that fill our hearts with joy and happiness, knowing
      that we are doing everything possible to help children achieve their greatest potential.
      With the Warmest Regards,
      Molly Stuckey MA CCC SLP/Owner

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