Staff and Intern’s Testimonials

molly and cat3/24/15~”I have been interning for Mrs. Stuckey for the past two years and I can honestly say that it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  I have learned so much under her supervision.  I will always be so grateful for the mentorship and opportunities she provided.  Molly, Susan, Sunny, and Mikaylah pay attention to detail and are very open to listening to my thoughts and opinions.  They are always striving to make the office a better place, not just for their clients, but for their families they serve.  Molly’s cheerful demeanor has made Coastal a fun place to be and I can tell it makes the children comfortable and relaxed when receiving services here.  My time at Coastal was foundational in instilling my love for the field of speech and langue pathology.  I will truly miss the office when I leave for graduate school in the fall.”  Wishing the office all the best, Katarin Lau, Loma Linda Graduate Student

3/26/15~From Ms. Tammy keeping everyone organized and on schedule, to Mrs. Molly,IMG_4040[1]
Ms. Sunny, Ms. Mikaylah, and Ms. Susan, Coastal Speech Therapy is a team that truly loves what they do and I am very blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of women. Coastal is committed to their mission to help all people communicate more effectively. I am currently an intern at Coastal and continue to witness the positive impact that Mrs. Molly, Ms. Sunny, and Ms. Susan have on their clients. I have learned so much! My time here has only validated what initially attracted me to this career path. They truly care about every one of their clients. Not only do they build trusting relationships with their clients, but also with their client’s parents, which I believe is very important. I have been fortunate enough to witness weekly progress of clients and there is no more honorable goal in life than to see them smile from success. My heart is full working here at Coastal Speech Therapy and the rewards are immeasurable. Love Allison Brown, Irvine, CA

“I have been a therapist at Coastal Speech Therapy for over 1 year. Without reservation IMolly and Susan can attest that Mrs. Stuckey is the most professional, honest, well respected expert in the field of speech pathology. She takes so much time working with the families to ensure they feel involved and educated. She is known by pediatricians, ENT’s, school districts, preschools, and other professionals to be extremely detail oriented, results driven, and kind. I feel truly blessed to be under her mentorship and apart of the Coastal Speech Therapy family.”  Susan Slate, SLPA, Trabuco Canyon

“As a current employee of Coastal Speech Therapy for the last year, I have had the privilege of being able to see so much progress with the people we treat. This is directly due to having a mentor, Molly Stuckey who is hands on with every client and family member she meets. As a team, we all work very hard to provide the highest quality of therapy while working with our clients and their family members so everyone is aware of the techniques we implement, and able to transfer them to the home environment. We set ample time after each therapy session to always let parents know what we worked on, what needs special attention, and our plan for the following session so that the clients can reach their highest potential.  Working at Coastal Speech Therapy feels like family.  Sunny Romero, SLPA

1/8/2015~”I have been so lucky to have found such an incredible and supportive clinical site for my first internship.  I am a first year graduate student and Coastal Speech IMG_0158Therapy will always hold a special place in my heart.  I have great examples of the type of therapist I aspire t be in Ms. Susan, Ms. Sunny, and especially Molly.  I’m in awe of the qualities they possess.  They are encouraging, patient, and nurturing not only o their client’s, but in teaching me as well.  This experience has solidified my passion and intentions of a future career in speech therapy.  I am always looking forward to the days I come in.  Molly has been instrumental in my learning.  She gives me great feedback that helps me tremendously as I am just getting into the field.  I am truly thankful for this great opportunity!” Jeannette California State University Northridge

3/15/2014~”I have had the opportunity to intern with Coastal Speech Therapy for aboutMikayla and Molly
a month with Molly Stuckey as my mentor, thus far I have had nothing less of a positive experience. Molly is very professional in her pursuit as an owner of Coastal Speech Therapy and continuously thrives to meet the needs of each client as well as cater to each client’s specific needs. Molly not only interacts with the clients but she also interacts with the parents of each client and always makes sure to provide specific feedback and rational behind each objective in which the client is working towards. Molly is someone who dedicates both her time and energy to help clients become better communicators each day.”  Brittney Estrella, SLPA

5/4/2014~”I am so grateful to have this opportunity to work with such an amazing sunny's halloweenteam. You are all such talented therapists and every day I learn so much from all of you.  I only hope to be as successful as you and your team one day. Thank you for allowing me to learn from your amazing team.”  Love Always, Krystal Rae Smith, ABA therapist

3/20/2013~ “Words cannot adequately express the thankfulness I have for all the amazing opportunities you’ve given me in this internship. Thank you for taking me under your wing and thoughtfully training me.  I appreciate your tireless efforts to teach me and mentor me related to all things in speech pathology.  It has been a joy learning from you and I’m so grateful for the times you pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have really come out of my shell this past year, which I attribute largely to your influence and encouragement.  I will always come to you for advice.  Most of all, thank you for your sweet friendship.  Love you and your family.”  Carlin Ferraro

6/24/2012~”Thank you for teaching me so much these past few months!  Thank you for
taking the time to explain your techniques and procedures.  You and your staff are truly amazing.  You all care so much about your clients and it shows every day.  You and your therapists have taught me so much more than I could ever learn in class.”  Thank you!  Roshina Noor Chapman University.

1/20/2011~ “Thank you for the opportunity to come and work with you this semester.  You have opened my eyes to new techniques and strategies I will use in the future.  I look forward to applying your expertise to practice.  You are truly one of the best SLP’s I have ever had the opportunity to learn from.” Jen Schmidt, Chapman University

“I was a therapist at Coastal Speech Therapy for nearly 4 years. I can say with the utmost sincerity that the owner, Ms. Stuckey, who was my supervisor and mentor, is one of the most talented, hard-working, knowledgeable and compassionate speech-language pathologists I have had the pleasure of working with. She strives to provide our clients with the finest speech and language therapy services. Involving and educating the families of our clients is one of the main tenets of Ms. Stuckey’s approach to therapy. During the evaluation process, she takes great care in discussing the family members’ concerns regarding their child. Once therapy is underway, family members are provided with detailed information regarding each therapy session immediately following the session. Depending upon the goals of the client, homework, information and/or tips and techniques are shared with family members so that they can be incorporated into the home and other environments, and we were always in constant collaboration to work as a team.” Kathi Konogeris, SLPA San Juan Capistrano




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