5/1/15~ My son, Cody Duarte has been attending speech therapy sessions at Coastal DSCF0288Speech Therapy for five years.  he has improved so much.  before we started, Cody would not make any vocalizaions.  He was silent.  He now vocalizes his wants and needs.  Cody is always happy to see Molly.  Cody was also unable to eat by mouth.  He can now eat solids, swallow liquids, and close his lips on the spoon.  Molly is always patient and loving with her children.  She also strives to provide the most updated techniques.  As a parent, I really appreciate that.  We love coming to Coastal Speech Therapy.”  Love, Cheree, Cody, and Matt Duarte

5/1/15~We love coming to Coastal Speech Therapy!  I am Cody’s private nurse. Molly molly and cody 2
and her staff are very hardworking, persistent, consistent, patient, caring, and take time to find out what the child’s likes dislikes are.  They treat everyone as an individual.  The staff has great communication skills.  Cody has made amazing improvements where other places would turn him down.  Love, Katherine,  LVN

4/25/15~”My son Liam has been coming to Coastal Speech Therapy for 6 months and the results
have been spectacular.  Molly did her assessment and diagnosed his issue right away and was optimistic about his prognosis.  That meant so much to me.  My son suffered from a traumatic brain injury and I had been told repeatedly that speech most likely was not possible.  My son is now babbling and using one word phrases like “more dada” and “more momma.”  Totally amazing!  He loves going to speech so much when I mention his therapist’s name.  When I tell him we are going to see her, he gets so excited.  They not only work on speech, but the mechanics of the mouth, tongue, jaw, etc.  Coastal Speech Therapy is such a happy, comfortable place to bring my son.  He doesn’t even realize it is therapy.  He is just playing with friends.  Thank you Coastal Speech Therapy!”  Kim Sheppard 4/3/15

4/1/15~”Thank you so much Mrs. Molly for your fabulous work! You had a hunch, due toIMG_3679[1]
your professional experience what was really going on with our child when everyone wanted to label him as autistic. You said he has auditory processing disorder. You were right! Our son’s condition has improved so much. You started working with him when he was three and we came back to you when he was 8 even though our insurance does not cover you. But, for my child I want the best and you and your team are the best. We now work with Mrs. Sunny who is truly a sunshine in our kid’s life. Tammy, who always is able to accommodate our crazy schedule also has been so helpful. We love you!!!” Narghes Bernecker, Irvine, CA

5/6/2003~“Molly is a reliable, patient, positive team player who is exceptional at working with children.” ~Patricia Mulhaupt, Principal at Springbrook in the Irvine Unified School District

4/5/2002~“Molly has a very engaging personality and students literally “light-up” when
they see her. She and her staff take on any challenge and are excited about gaining and applying new information and skills to their students.  She possess personal qualities of dedication, professionalism, enthusiasm, and love of children.  She excels at providing positive reinforcement to foster a child’s self confidence.”
Ann M. Bertrand M.A., CCC-SLP Chula Vista Elementary School District

3/28/2002 ~“Trust, integrity, and dependability are all words people who know Molly use frequently. Molly, your ability to be a “language facilitator” and to let children “take the lead” is remarkable. You are totally committed to the well being of your clients. You are creative and tireless in your attempts to make language intervention a meaningful experience. You are a sensitive, knowledgeable clinician with tremendous instincts and clinician judgment.” ~ Dr. Geraldine Wallach, Ph.D. Supervisor, Child Language Clinic and Clinic Director, California State University, Long Beach

 2/1/1998~“Molly is enthusiastic, confident and curious. She is reliable, well-trained, and IMG_3598[1]
her professional judgment is sound. She is well-liked and respected by students and parents.” Marianne M. M.A., CCC-SLP Garden Grove Unified School District

4/2/1997~”Molly’s outgoing and friendly first impression quickly grows into a lasting awareness that she is a person of great worth.” ~Carole B. Edwards M.A., CCC-SLP Chula Vista Elementary School District