7/8/16~”We have been going to Coastal Speech Therapy since 2011. Our daughter is nowIMG_6189 8 years old. She did not start walking or talking until she was 18 months old and was diagnosed with autism when she was 21 months. She was afraid of loud noises, did not make eye contact and 50% of the time she did not even respond. She also did not sleep through the night until she was 3 years old. I say all of this because if you met our daughter today you would never have guessed that she had a hard start in life! Early intervention has helped her tremendously and listening to the recommendations of the therapist. For example when she was in preschool we sent to school with a weighted lap belt then progressed to weighted anklets then weighted vest (she also went to school with a chew necklace then bracelet as she chewed holes in her shirts). Every week we worked on something new. She has made so much progress in the past 5 years!! I can go on forever with all the progress we have made at Coastal Speech with the help of Molly, Sunny and Jamie. Thank you Coast Speech for helping us get our child out of the shell she was born in!! Early intervention is KEY and I would recommend Coast Speech without hesitation!”~Myrla Sesler, Newport Beach, CA

3/25/15~ “I love Coastal Speech Therapy!  I love this because I love Molly working withPediatric Services me and I be calm and listen but sometimes funny.  I love being with Molly and her assistant.  I want to beat her assistant next Wednesday.  I can’t wait!  This will be the best.  What if she wins, well, I will say “Good game.”  Molly Stuckey is awesome.  I want her to work with me.  Love, Addyson Smith, 7 year old Client of Coastal Speech Therapy.

2/6/15~”Coastal Speech Therapy has truly been a miracle for us.  Our son started with Coastal Speech Therapy when he was only 2 years, 3 months old and we began toIMG_0977 see results almost immediately.  With the help of all the therapist, our son began talking and with the talking, came fewer behaviors.  More engagement, and overall happiness!  The team at Coastal speech Therapy is not only extremely professional, but also kind and warm.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience here at Coastal Speech Therapy!” ~Anne Warmington, Newport Beach, CA

3/8/15~”Ms. Molly has been instrumental in helping both of my daughters greatly improve their speech.  They can both speak with ease and confidence!  I am so grateful for Mrs. Molly’s consistency, skills, and efforts in helping both daughters.  My girls love coming to speech and look forward to making art projects with Mrs. Molly while practicing their speech.”  Love, Roksana Ebrahemi, Irvine, CA  

5/1/15~”Mrs. Stuckey gives back to the community and volunteers her time at Mary’s IMG_3844[1]Kitchen every week.  She is extremely friendly to the staff and always goes the extra mile to lend a helping hand.  We have appreciate her hard work and dedication for our cause. “~Mary’s Kitchen~ Orange, CA

1/6/15~”We love it here!  Vanessa has come a long way since we started at Coastal Speech Therapy.  She is not the same person, she is a better version.  Thank you so much!  Did I say that we love it here!”  XOXO The Seslers, Newport Beach, CA

4/20/2015~”I first met Molly and her wonderful family when our daughters began 056C2952attending preschool together at Red Hill Elementary School in Tustin, California.  Also, we both attend Red Hill Lutheran as our home church.  Molly always shows such great commitment to her family and career. She volunteers weekly at her daughters’ school, Mary’s Kitchen, and regularly participates in their school events and extracurricular activities, all while rapidly growing her Speech Pathology business and successfully managing her staff and clients.  Over the years, I have personally experienced Molly to be an outstanding mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. She is caring, devoted, loyal, and extremely committed to helping others.  As a professional business owner, she is bright, educated, talented, hardworking, and diligent. She has helped many children and their families overcome disabilities and speech struggles. There is nothing she would not do for the people in her life. She has a real heart of gold.  Molly Stuckey is a wonderful human being. She exudes so much love and warmth to everyone who comes in contact with her. I can honestly say that she has made my life happier and better since we have become friends. The world is truly a brighter and better place because of Molly Stuckey.”  ~Amber Cisneros, Santa Ana, CA

2/5/15~”Coastal Speech Therapy has helped my son and entire family in so many ways. IMG_0953 (1) After my son received a diagnosis of Autism, my wife and I immediately began researching speech and language pathologists in the orange county area.  Coastal Speech Therapy was recommended by our pediatrician and so many close friends.  Naturally, they were our first choice.  Not only were they able to quickly improve my son’s speech and language skills, they patiently coached my wife and I on so many different areas; specifically, parent education, public resources, and most importantly, how we as parents could help our son at home.  The staff  at Coastal Speech Therapy immediately put me and my son at ease with their friendly and outgoing personalities.  We noticed how genuine, professional, and honest they were during the initial diagnostic consultation.  When seeing Ms. Molly and Ms. Sunny, our son asked us, every day, to go to “Ms. Molly’s office”.  In fact, to this day (our son is now 9), he asks to visit her.  Our son no longer shows any signs of atypical behavior or delayed speech and language.  We owe this improvement to the tenacity, dedication, and innovative therapy techniques Molly employed.  She truly helped save our son and our entire family.  We will be forever grateful for her efforts and passion to her profession.”  ~The Stone Family, Irvine CA

6/5/2006~“We arrived at Mrs. Stuckey through a recommendation from our molly and girls pediatrician and we knew it was a good match from the first day. She worked very hard with our son and cared enough to find out what was happening and why he had a speech delay at all. Because of her diligence and unbelievable sense of awareness, we have determined our son has speech apraxia. Molly has always paid close attention to what interests our son and uses those interests to engage him with speech. He has learned so much from her and we can’t begin to explain the influence she has made in our lives. We couldn’t be happier with our son’s success with Molly. He is continuing to move forward and we have a great amount of confidence in the work Molly does with him.”~ Jill Perricone, Irvine

3/5/2005 “Coastal Speech Therapy has been working with my daughter in the areas of therapypragmatics, problem-solving, articulation, and fluency. They are very loving and cheerful with children. My daughter is able to work hard and put forth great effort because she trusts the staff. I have always appreciated Coastal Speech Therapy’s professionalism. They always have a plan and prepares well for each session. Their hard work and great attitude contributed to a very successful collaboration with our ABA team. As a result, my daughter received more consistent and effective intervention. After two years of working at Coastal Speech Therapy, our daughter’s stuttering as all but disappeared. Most importantly, her conversation al skills have expanded and she speaks more clearly, with less awkwardness.” Karen Nagy rvine, California

4/7/2004~”The progress my son has made at Coastal Speech Therapy has been miraculous. Mrs. Stuckey took the time to figure out the way he worked best instead of trying to fit him into the mold of how she liked to work. He responded to this approach and now his communicative skills are on par with all his peers. Mrs. Stuckey has a unique way of “feeling out” the child’s moods, unique needs, and level of energy for that particular session, and has the skill to tailor each session accordingly. She takes the time to explain to the parents what she is doing and is very receptive to receiving feedback from the parents as well. In the fall, my son will attend a mainstream Kindergarten class without an aide. I give Molly much of the credit for his progress. My family is very grateful for her efforts.”  ~Katie Caress Irine, California

7/5/2003~Mrs. Stuckey is an amazing professional who truly cares about the 056C3026children she sees, as well as the family as a whole. She is constantly looking for new and creative ways to target areas of deficit in reinforcing ways for the kids. As she progresses, Mrs. Stuckey changes her therapy techniques to meet the child’s changing needs; even putting together a small group session to work on conversation training with peers. My daughter has made amazing progress while working with Mrs. Stuckey. She is now able to converse with peers at school, tell me about her day, greet children and adults, and carry on a sophisticated conversation. I have already recommended several friends to Mrs. Stuckey, and all have been very pleased with her very high level of service.”  ~Hitta M. Mom from Coto De Caza, California

4/17/2015 “As someone who has known Molly since 1995, I feel that I am credible when it20150623_121625
comes to attesting to her character. In the 15 years that we have remained friends, I have known Molly to be not only a wonderful friend but a loving, caring, and giving person. As we have grown over the years, I have witnessed Molly turn into a loving mother and a spectacular speech and language therapist. I have been very proud of Molly for what she has accomplished in her personal life as well as her career. She has fostered a very respectable reputation in her field and has built an amazing private practice that has been thriving more and more. 
As a school psychologist myself who has worked in education for 13 years, I have had the privilege of working with other speech and language therapist and understand the nature of what they do and how they positively impact peoples’ lives. I know for a fact that Molly has positively impacted many peoples’ lives and she has worked tirelessly to accomplish this. Molly is a very compassionate and driven person who will do whatever it takes to meet any goals she sets for herself. This is evident by her solid marriage, the wonderful children she is raising, and the successful career she has made for herself. She in not only a good friend, but she is also a good role model and caring citizen.”  ~Christine Marsden, Yorba Linda, CA

9/18/17 “My son just started high school, a freshman at Foothill and in all honors classes.  We recently had a discussion about how he saw you in speech therapy when he was young.  I just wanted to thank you.  I got lucky, but you and all of his other therapists were a huge part of his progress.” ~ Katie C., Santa Ana, California