Developmental Norms of the 18-month old toddler

Speech and Language of the 18-Month-Old

At age 18 months, your child….

Uses 40 different words consistently.

Recognizes pictures of familiar people and objects.

Starts to combine 2 words, such as “all done” and “Daddy bye-bye.”

Uses words to make wants and needs known, such as “more” and “up.”

Imitates words and sounds more precisely.

Points and gestures to call attention to an event or to show wants and needs.

Points to his or her own toes, eyes, and nose.

Brings familiar object from another room when asked.

Turns pages of a book a few at a time.

Follows simple commands.

Makes a tower of 3-4 cubes.

Knows and says the names of 5 things.

Hums and may sing simple tunes

Mixes real words with jargon; on occasion develops a play routine.

Practices words and word combinations.

You can stimulate your 18-month-old child’s speech if you…

Imitate everything your child says and does.

Play music to your child such as: “Old McDonald” and The Wheels on the Bus.”

Point and label objects you see and talk about what you’re doing all day.

Look at your child when he or she talks to you.

While you’re playing with your child, make environmental sounds such as “choo-choo”, “beep-beep”, honk-honk.

Describe what your child is doing, feeling, and hearing in short, 2-word phrases.

Offer two choices to your child and ask him or her to say “I want + object.”

Hold a toy under your chin and label the object, then ask him or her to repeat.

Engage in pretend play and pair your actions with sounds and words: “pour juice, feed baby, stir soup, daddy jump, eat apple.  

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