Self-Calming and Emotional Regulation Tools for Children of all Ages

Due to a multitude of factors, many parents are struggling putting their children to bed at a reasonable time.  Children may feel anxiety, worry, and stress when the lights go dim and the room is quiet.  Daily struggles and challenges may race through their minds and it can be very difficult for our little angels to fall asleep peacefully, easily, and quickly.   I hope that the following resources can provide your child with more peace and calm during the day and especially at night time.  Many Blessings

Utube Resources

“Hot air balloon ride:  A Guided meditation for kids for sleep and dreaming.”

“Children’s Bedtime Story-Billy & Zac the Cat’s Fairground Adventure Relaxation/Kid’s story.”

“Children’s Bedtime Story-Billy & Zac the Cat go on a Rocket Ship to Space, stories for kids.”

“Kids Meditation Bedtime Story-Billy & Zac the Cat’s go to Candy land.”

“Breath meditation for kids.  Mindfulness for kids.”

“Guided Meditation for Children/Your Secret Treehouse/Relaxation for Kids.”

“Dragon Story time. Meditation for kids & tots.  (Sleep or rest time outs).”

“Magic bubbles.  Guided relaxation for children.  Meditation for kids/guided meditation for anxiety and worry.”

“Guided meditation for children.  Enchanted forest.”

“Bedtime-Guided meditations for Children.”

“Lilly and her Magical Unicorn Dreams-Children’s Bedtime.”

“Stunning Aquarium & The Best Relax Music-2 hours.”

“Guided Meditation for Sleep…Floating Among the Stars.”

“Dreaming of being a Dolphin-Children’s Relaxing Bedtime Meditation.”

“The Fairy & Leprechaun Spoken word Guided Meditation for Children For Sleep & Relaxing.”

“Martin the Octopus-Children’s Bedtime Story/Meditation.”

“Welcome to Cloudtopia-Children’s Bedtime Story/Meditation.”

“It’s cool to Be Different-Children’s Bedtime Story/Meditation.”

“The Magical Enchanted Tree-Children’s guided Meditation.”

“Teddy Bear Land-Children’s Bedtime Meditation.”

“Pet Heaven-Children’s Bedtime Story/Meditation.”

iPad Apps 

“Stop, breathe, think” Promotes compassion. Ages 10+

“Five minute escapes for meditation and relaxation” Ages 10+

“Drift away” Ages 9+

“Dreamy kid meditation app just for kids.” Ages 8+

“Well beyond meditation.” Ages 7+

“Breathing bubbles.” Relieving anxiety and worry.  Ages 5+

“Settle your glitter.”  An emotional regulation tool Ages 4+

“Breathe, think, do Sesame Street” Ages 3+

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