Sensory Red Flags

When to refer to an Occupational Therapist

  • Poor Eye ContactDSCF0087
  • Difficulty Communicating
  • Picky Eater and/or chews on everything.
  • Breaks toys and crayons easily.
  • Poor fine motor skills.
  • Poor body awareness, frequently bumping into people and objects.
  • Clumsy, trips and falls easily, underdeveloped motor skills.
  • Hyper tonic; appears stiff and inflexible.
  • Avoids swings and playground activities.
  • Shows fear when feet are off the ground or head is tipped backward (bathing)
  • Walks on tip toes; toe walker
  • Jumps in place and is always moving.
  • Seems as if driven by a motor.
  • Unable to remain seated during structured activities (i.e., dinner time).
  • Very sensitive and hyper-aware of environment.
  • Seeks out excessive movement, touch, and hugs.
  • Difficulty with personal space boundaries (i.e., in people’s faces)
  • Overly sensitive to loud sounds such as vacuums and blenders.
  • Dislikes bathing, grooming, self-care, and/or haircuts.
  • Finds it hard to follow instructions, especially with multiple steps.
  • Needs more practice than other children to learn a new skill.
  • Difficulty listening, focusing, or concentrating during non-preferred tasks.
  • Becomes hyper focused on technology.


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