Developmental Norms for the 24-Month-Old

What can I expect from my 24 month-old child?

  • Says about 100 words and puts two words together: “go car.”
  • Verbally requests wants and needs: “want cookie.”
  • Clearly produces: /p, b, m, n, w, h, y, t, d, t/ with 50% clarity to an unfamiliar listener.
  • Produces early developing pronouns: my, me, I, mine, it, you, your.
  • Points to familiar objects in a picture and names three pictures.
  • Imitates sounds, words, and gestures involving objects (e.g., rolls car).
  • Follows simple two-step related directions.
  • Asks and answers “what” questions with rising intonation.
  • Imitates animal or environmental sounds (e.g. vroom, beep).
  • Imitates a 2-3 word phrase.

How Can I help my 24-Month-Old?

  1. Label everything you see and talk about what you’re doing.
  2. Provide two choices and ask your child to request one, modeling “I want + object.
  3. Speak in simple, 2-3 word phrases with your child.
  4. Participate in “mommy and me” classes and park play dates.
  5. Imitate everything your child says and imitate their play.
  6. Look at picture books every day, perhaps as part of a bedtime ritual.

  7. Expand what the child says (e.g., If he says, “More juice,” you say, “Want more juice”? Okay, here’s more orange juice”).

  8. Hold a preferred object under your chin and label the object.

  9. Sing to your child and constantly talk about what you’re doing and seeing.

  10. Expose your child to many new experiences and talk about them before, during, and after the event.

  11. Help your child learn new words in a meaningful way by experiencing object in a variety of ways (seeing, touching, tasting, smelling, hearing).

  12. If your child leads you to a desired object, ask him/her to point and “use your words.”    

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