Developmental Norms of the 5-Year Old Child


What can I expect from my 5 year old?

  • Stabilization of most sounds including: /v, s, z, sh, ch, l, r, j/ with 90% clarity.
  • Understands opposites including left/right.
  • Talks about their day at school and has a simple conversation with adults.
  • Asks and answers how and when questions.
  • Uses adjectives to describe an object and adverbs to describe an action.
  • Uses yesterday, today, and tomorrow and understands time concepts.
  • Starts to bargain, negotiate, and compromise with adults.
  • Uses prepositions including: through, nearest, corner, middle.
  • Names ordinal numbers such as: first, second, third.
  • Uses irregular plurals (feet, mice) and irregular past tense verbs (ran, slept).
  • Uses complete, compound, logical sentences that are easy to understand.
  • Able to describe the category, function, and parts of an object.


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